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Loresco EnviroCoke IV Anode Backfill

EnviroCoke IVTM is designed specifically for us in the discharging zone on the outside of a conductive casing, with anodes and Loresco SC-3 inside the casing. By Placing EnviroCOke IVTM around the casing on the outside, a conductive seal is formed which serves as an environmental precaution against interchange flow between water bearing formation in the discharging zones. When used in conjunction with PermaPlug, total environmental control can be established.

EnvirotCoke IVTM, with its conductivity and ease of installation, provides a solution to environmental concerns pertaining to deep anode installation in sensitive areas.

Further additives make installation easier by minimizing the apparent viscosity of the slurry. The additives ensure the compatibility of EnviroCoke IVTM with equipment normally used to install cathodic protection systems.

Note: Additional Loresco anode backfills available.

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