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H-1 Standard Potential Magnesium Anode

H-1 anodes are cast to meet ASTM B843, Alloy AZ63. This unique composition allows for even current output and efficient protection. These anodes produce an open circuit potential of 1.53 - 1.55 volts, and have a current efficiency of 45 to 55%, when tested in accordance with ASTM-G97 procedures. H-1 anodes are recommended for use in low resistivity soils (typically below 2,000 ohm-cm). Their lower current output allows these anodes to operate longer than high potential anodes in more conductive environments.

Options (Lbs):

  • 1 lb H-1 Mag Anode-6 / box
  • 3 lbs H-1 Mag Anode-3 / bag
  • 5 lbs H-1 Mag Anode-3 / bag
  • 9 lbs H-1 Mag Anode-2 / bag
  • 17 lbs H-1 Mag Anode-2 / bag
  • 32 lbs H-1 Mag Anode-1 / bag
  • 50lbs H-1 Mag Anode - 1/bag

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