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Glass Laminates - G7 & G10

​G7 (Glass Cloth / Silicon Resin): ​This glass-silicon laminate has good electrical properties under humid conditions, excellent heat and arc resistance, and is self-extinguishing.

  • ​​G7 is used for electrical grade insulation, and for heating & appliance insulation.

G10 (Glass Cloth / Epoxy Resin): ​This glass-epoxy laminate is specified for it’s extremely high strength and high dimensional stability over temperature.

  • ​​G10 is used for terminal bonds, high humidity applications, electrical and electronic test equipment and electric rotor insulation.
  • G10 is difficult to cut or machine and may require special equipment.



THICKNESS: .031″ – .125″

SHEET SIZE: 24″ X 36″ , 36″ X 48″ , 48″ X 48″ , 48″ X 96″

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