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#30 AWG Survey Wire

Coated copper survey trailing wire for close interval potential surveys.


Elastic netting over each spool is available upon request for no additional charge. The netting serves as a reinforcement to further prevent any potential wire slippage or breakage; however, it is not essential for adequate usage.


  • High Resistance to heat
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent winding ease and flexibility
  • Solderable without having to strip the insulating film
  • High Thermoplastic flow
  • High resistance to abrasion


  • #30 AWG Wire
  • 1 mile through 1.5 mile spool flange diameter: 3 inches
  • 2 miles through 5 mile spool flange diameter: 6 inches
  • Polyurethane/nylon overcoat;NEMA specification MW-27
  • Thermal class: 155 degree centigrade
  • Standard high-quality plastic spools equipped to fit MC Miller, Farwest, American Innovations, and BK Corrosion's Hip/Backpacks
  • Minimum 18" pigtails with strain relief sleeving at flange to prevent breakage.

Additional information

1 Mile, 1.5 Miles, 2 Miles

3″ & 6″ spools

2.5 Miles, 3 Miles, 4 Miles, 5 Miles

6″ spools


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